Fair Housing

KWA complies with the federal Fair Housing Act (and other local, state, and federal civil rights laws) which protects tenants from discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, and disability. If you are a person with a disability you may submit a request for reasonable accomodations and modifications under the Fair Housing Act.

In making a reasonable accomodation and/or modification request, the tenant/applicant does not need to disclose the nature and severity of his or her disability. KWA will not request details about the tenant/applicants disability.

KWA may request a proof of need letter from the tenant/applicants qualified professional or person in a position to know in cases where the disability is not obvious.

KWA will grant reasonable accomodation and/or modification requests that are needed as a result of a disability to use and enjoy the dwelling.

Any denials of a reasonable accomodation and/or modification request will be made in writing.

KWA will engage in an interactice process with the tenant prior to denying a reasonable accomodation and/or modification request.

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